Rails, datepicker

= form_for @task do |f|
  = f.datetime_field :done_at
  = f.text_field

I thought because done_at should be saved as DateTime, the field should be datetime_field. But text_field works fine.

On top of that, for some browsers (Firefox, I can say) date type of input tag gives you a datepicker on its own (html5 datepicker), and I didn’t want to have them.

<input id="task_done_at" name="task[done_at]" type="datetime" />

Most of all, I watched an episode of Railscasts and that’s why I started working on it.

I used jquery-ui-sass-rails gem.

I put this file app/assets/javascripts/tasks.js.coffee as following the screencast #213

jQuery ->
    dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'

also after setting up

gem 'jquery-ui-sass-rails'

//= require jquery.ui.all
//= require jquery.ui.datepicker

@import jquery.ui.core
@import jquery.ui.theme
@import jquery.ui.datepicker

and not use select tag on form template.

= form_for @task do |f|
  = f.datetime_field :done_at

instead of

= form_for @task do |f|
  = f.datetime_select :done_at

And then, I didn’t know how to style the jquery-ui datepicker. By the way (there are other options but) there’s a twitter bootstrap style.

I used bootstrap-datepicker gem.

After setting up

gem 'bootstrap-datepicker-rails'

@import "bootstrap-datepicker3"

//= require bootstrap-datepicker

I did following

f.datetime_field :done_at, "data-provide" => 'datepicker', "data-date-format" => "yyyy-mm-dd"

You don’t have to write a js file, simply add attributes to the input tag. For I didn’t need much, “data-date-format” was useful. At the end I added a format the field (blank in tasks/new form, same format with the datepicker in tasks/:id/edit form.)

f.text_field :done_at, value: f.object.done_at.try(:strftime, "%Y-%m-%d"), "data-provide" => 'datepicker', "data-date-format" => "yyyy-mm-dd"

That was all. Just in case this is my code on Github.


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