ionic & cordova setup

install ionic #

sudo npm install -g ionic cordova
sudo npm install -g ios-sim

npm dependency..

start a project #

ionic start myApp blank
ionic start myApp tabs
ionic start myApp sidemenu
cd myApp

run #

ionic platform add ios
ionic build ios
ionic emulate ios
ionic run ios

ionic run = ionic build && ionic emulate

Set up Android emulator. I was in: #

os x Yosemite version 10.10.2

cordova version 4.2.0

android studio 1.0.1

Java SE Development Kit 7

set path:

# on `~/.zshrc` file (open a text editor)
export ANDROID_HOME="/Users/<user>/Library/Android/sdk/"
export ANDROID_TOOLS="/Users/<user>/Library/Android/sdk/tools"
export ANDROID_PLATFORM_TOOLS="/Users/<user>/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools"

and then reopen terminal

install “android-19” from android SDK manager

$ android
# pick "SDK Platform Android 4.4.2, API 19"

and then go to a Cordova-based project directory

$ brew install ant

You may need ant

$ ionic platform add android
$ ionic build android

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